Meetups in Berlin

In 2017 I moved with my then-husband from the US to Berlin. As a Holistic Reproductive & Sexuality Educator, I have participated in and facilitated a variety of group meetings for several years. Holistic simply means the WHOLE person... mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical. 


Colleen Flowers Cancer Berlin Germany

Berlin Young Adult Cancer Meetup

This is a group for women age 20ish-40ish (and young men are welcome too!) who are dealing with cancer and want to hang out with others on a similar journey. Each week we'll check in with each other, do a short relaxing activity, and then talk about a variety of holistic topics relating to our mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and/or physical health. Sometimes we meet in parks or cafes instead of a flat. We also do other things together in addition to the Meetup... meet for coffee, go to yoga, go to Improv Comedy shows, attend local workshops, or even go dancing! This group is a safe space for everyone.

  • Weekly at various locations

  • Past topics have included Art Expression, Juicing vs Smoothies, Music Therapy & Sound Healing, Nutrition, Books, Meditation, Mindfulness, Guided Visualizations, Relationships, Career, Kids, Humor, Detoxing, Depression, Anxiety, Prayer, and Exercise.

  • "Rates of depression and other psychological disorders are substantially higher in adolescents and young adults with cancer when compared with older adults." (1)

Colleen Flowers Cancer Berlin Germany

Berlin Cancer Support Group in English

This is a support group for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of cancer. Whether you're currently in treatment or have been in remission for years, you are welcome to join us. The format of each group will be a short introduction, then a time of sharing with the group, a short relaxation experience (like listening to music or a guided visualization), and then time to talk with others. You are welcome to leave at any time and this is a safe space for everyone.

  • Monthly at the Berliner Krebsgesellschaft

  • "Support groups have been known to reduce anxiety and stress, emotional distress and depression, fatigue and the experience of pain, as well as to improve mood, self-image, ability to cope with stress, sexual enjoyment and overall feelings of control." (Unity Point Health)

Local Resources in Berlin

CAPE Foundation

  • Offering 25 free psychotherapy sessions to women after a diagnosis of breast cancer and DCIS (German, English, Greek), various courses & workshops (Yoga & Breath, Family Constellations, and Body Painting), aura cleaning, and energy work.

MedicalCenter Mommenstrasse with Dr. Michael Kalden, MD

  • Offering integrative, biological, and alternative cancer and chronic disease treatment (German, English)

Learning the Art of Embodied Living with Nicole Pieper

  • Offering somatic work (bodywork) in the Pantarei Approach and Grinberg Method as well as yoga classes (English, German)

Sound Healing Berlin with Rona Geffen

  • Offering Tibetan Singing Bowls and Planetary Calibrated Tuning Forks to create a new medicine grounded in sound, geometry, mathematics, self healing, and love (Hebrew, English)

Berliner Krebsgesellschaft (Berlin Cancer Society)

  • Offering individual psycho-oncology counseling by a psychologist (German, English); financial support; room for group meetings; supervisory support for group leaders (German); and talks, groups, and guide books (German)

Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr (GfBK, BioKrebs, Society for Biological Cancer Treatment)

  • Offering medical advice, psycho-oncology counseling, and courses (mostly German, some English)

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