Listening to Your Body to
Make a Hard Decision


How to make decisions based not on running away from fear and death, but walking toward love and life.”

I wish that more of us could be shown by example
and then discover for ourselves how to take a
deep breath
after we land in the midst of a chaotic storm of panic... 
whether it’s a life-threatening diagnosis,
a serious car accident,
a divorce,
a loss of a job
a spouse or child’s death,
a natural disaster,
or other scenarios. 

My hope is that this audio will be a tool that allows you to listen to your body to make a hard decision. I will guide you to engage with your body... or maybe it will be your heart, soul, intuition, gut instinct, God, higher self, or whatever you want to call it to help you make a hard decision. Eventually it will start with listening to relaxing chimes, then a guided visualization, and closing with a crystal singing bowl... for now it's just the guided visualization.

I invite you to write down on a piece of paper what the "hard decision" is. Then set aside 25-30 minutes in which you won't be disturbed by your phone, other people, pets, the doorbell, or other distractions (like having to use the toilet, being thirsty, hungry, or tired). If possible, use headphones or earbuds. Then sit or lay down in a comfortable position with your "hard decision" piece of paper so that when you are done you can write down any insights you discovered.

We'll be inviting your thinking-mind to get out of the way
so that you can find the wisdom that your body-mind already has. 

Because I've been on a decades-long journey of learning to heal myself deeply and listening to my body talk to me, I want to offer that to you... that you too can learn to heal yourself deeply and hear your body talk to you. As your self-healing guide, I want to awaken the part of you that can heal yourself and has been there all along. Your body, mind, and soul already know how to heal you, so let's find out what they have to say.


If you have a history of a dissociative disorder or have been hospitalized for a psychotic episode, I recommend working with a qualified Somatic Therapist before using this audio to help you make a hard decision.

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Colleen Flowers

In June 2015 at the age of 35, Colleen Flowers was given the diagnosis of aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer. She's trained as a Holistic Reproductive & Sexuality EducatorWant to stop making decisions based on running away from fear and death, and base them on walking toward love and life? Consider following her on Instagram, joining her private Facebook Group, and subscribing to her newsletter