A mine of gold lies within you. 
Open your eyes and come — 
Return to the root
of the root of your own soul.”

In the simplest of terms, I describe the Soul Realm as where our souls exist in between lives here on Earth. A Journey to the Soul Realm allows you to access your intuition, your higher self, angels, animal guides, God, the Universe, magic, and whatever else is there for you. 

We'll be inviting your mind to get out of the way so that you can discover the wisdom your soul already has.

What Happens?

When we meet virutally or in-person for 60 to 90-minutes, we'll talk a little bit about the intention that you've set for taking a Journey to the Soul Realm. Perhaps...

  • you want to see what a next step should be in your life...
  • your soul wants to make peace with another's soul...
  • you want to understand a current situation from a different perspective...
  • your soul wants to remember what your path and purpose is...

Then you'll sit or lie down comfortably and I'll use a guided visualization as a tool for accessing your unconscious so that you can Journey to the Soul Realm. Once you're there, I'll use different sounds to allow your mind to rest so that your soul can experience itself. These sounds may include chimes, drums, rattles, etc. Then I'll keep checking in with you to see how the experience is going. Towards the end of the Journey to the Soul Realm, I'll guide you back to where you are and if you'd like, we can talk about the experience.

If you're concerned that it "might not work," we can talk about that. At the very least, you'll be practicing and playing with your imagination, unconscious imagery, and deep states of relaxation, all of which can be very healing in and of themselves.


If you have a history of a dissociative disorder or have been hospitalized for a psychotic episode, I recommend working with a qualified Somatic Therapist instead.

I've been on a decades-long journey of learning to heal myself deeply from a variety of illnesses and experiences. Journeying to the Soul Realm has brought me deep self-healing and I want to offer that to you. As your guide on a Journey to the Soul Realm, we'll be awakening the part of you that can heal yourself deeply... it's been there all along.

Your soul already knows how to heal you, so let's discover the wisdom it wants to show you.

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$80 for a 60 to 90-minute session
Online virtually or in-person

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
— Caroline Myss
Colleen Flowers soul journey

Colleen Flowers is a Holistic Reproductive & Sexuality Educator. Holistic means the *whole* person... mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical. For more, follow her on Instagram, join her private Facebook Group, and subscribe to her newsletter