We're in Germany!

Journal Entry #7

Josh and I had a very smooth flight Sunday night through Monday morning. Getting through the airport was a breeze. Then our taxi driver surprised us with his enthusiastic criticism of other taxi drivers, complete with hand signals, before blasting off down the Autobahn at 120 mph ;)

We arrived at Hufeland Klinik, were warmly greeted, and then ushered in for lunch. Each meal has been outstanding for the quality and taste of the food. For many of you that have asked, the mailing address is: 

Hufeland Klinik
Löffelstelzer Straße 1-3
97980 Bad Mergentheim
(with "Attn: Colleen Flowers" on the bottom left)

I'd recommend sending anything before September starts as international mail can take much longer.

Josh and I both really like the clinic itself, our room, and all of the staff we have met. I feel very taken care of. I met with a doctor yesterday and today my blood was drawn and infusions/injections were given. I also had "Brain Light" which Josh thinks is similar to bi-neural beats or biofeedback... I wore sunglasses with bright flashing lights and listened to relaxing audio. 

Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Our favorite thing so far is being able to amble across the road from the Klinik into a park that has every fabulous thing that we have ever seen at a park before, all in one big tree-filled park: river complete with paddle boat rentals (check), life size chess boards complete with old men serious about the game (check), fountains and water show choreographed to music (check), music stage (check), apple and pear trees (check), beautiful rose garden (check), exercise circuit with some strange thing that makes you "moon walk" (check), built in playground musical instruments (check) and our favorite a simple walking labyrinth (check). And just past the park you walk through an old castle gate into a fantastic little town with cobble stone streets, old churches, and lots of boutiques and cafes. Josh's Uncle Jim came by last night and we walked around the town and he treated Josh to his first spaghetti ice cream. Sounds strange but is really just spaghetti-like strands of ice cream over whipped cream with a strawberry sauce. Yum!

Each day we find out more about the clinic and staff... most of the time I just show up with a smile for whatever they have going on and fake my way through it in English/German :)