I'm Happy & Healthy... and Going Back to Germany for Treatment!

Journal Entry #18

This is just a quick update :)

  • January 2019 - breast MRI, ultrasound, and mammogram are all negative for cancer

  • November 2018 - blood work continues to look good

So… why am I going back to Germany for continued treatment?

Because I was REALLY stressed-out in 2018. I had been living in Germany for 15 months and LOVING it! I loved the beautiful friends I made and learning the new culture. I ran 2 different support groups for cancer and felt like I was exactly where I belonged!

But in March 2018, my resting heart rate was 120 beats/minute. I was hospitalized for a week in Berlin and diagnosed with auto-immune Graves’ Disease. My TSH was 0. I was put on medication and 9 weeks later my TSH was 83!!! The normal range is 1-5. I went into remission from Graves’ Disease in the summer and I also filed for divorce. Then I moved back to Denver, Colorado in the fall of 2018.

Stress can lower the immune system. When the immune system is lower, cancer can occur or return. I asked my body what it wanted and I got the clear message that it would like 2 weeks of treatment at Hufeland Klinik… so I bought my plane tickets and here I go! I will be there from March 11 to March 25, 2019.