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Liz Cancer576

A few weeks ago Liz commented on my blog. She was at Hufeland Klinik this past Spring... awesome! As I perused her blog posts, I really like what she had to say about a lot of things including the term "surveillance." My oncologist is doing this with me as well... she says that what they call it when they follow a patient given a diagnosis of cancer that is not using chemotherapy or radiation. (And some oncologists refuse to do this and tell you to find another doctor!)

"The continued use of militaristic language within cancer circles is just plain disturbing.  I’ve cooperated through their surgery protocol, a true cadet.  Now, when I refuse to continue the fight with chemical guerrilla warfare, I’m a defector, double-crosser, rebel, renegade.  I’m put under surveillance.  The word conjures up the darkest of images of cancer warfare.  Where’s the compassionate language one would expect from a health care system sworn to do no harm? Maybe that’s the rub, 'sworn to do no harm' yet, the establishment is largely responsible for losing the winnable war against cancer."

You can read more about her journey after a diagnosis of Stage 3C1 Uterine Cancer on her blog: