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Journal Entry #10

Hello everyone! Thank you for your continued prayers and messages of support :)

Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

A typical day here looks like me going down to the basement to get Kneipp Therapy... very warm water on my legs, then very cold water on my legs... it's supposed to stimulate and support the immune system. Then we have breakfast and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go to the Infusion Room for an IV (detoxification or liver support or vitamins) and on Mondays and Fridays I also get Ozone Therapy (they take 100ml of blood, add ozone, and then give it back to me). On Tuesday mornings I've been getting the Fever Therapy IV and on Thursday mornings (and the rest of the afternoons) I have relaxing treatments in the basement such as Biofeedback, Brain Light, AHT (Auto Hormone Therapy), Lymphatic Massage, Magnet Therapy, Liver & Spleen Electrotherapy, and Reflexology. 

We're served a delicious lunch and then other offerings are available in the afternoon and evening. I've participated in Watercolor Painting, Acrylic Painting, Meditative Dance, Laughing Yoga, Dance of the 4 Directions, Therapy, Meditation, Group Singing, Music Therapy, and Contemplative Prayer with Laying on of Hands.

Josh and I often wander in the park in the afternoon or evening and hear lots of different types of live music. (PS - What else we've found in the world's most perfect park... concrete Ping-Pong tables, Kneipp Therapy pool to "walk like a stork" through, a huge sliding board built into the side of a hill, and a Japanese garden.) We also found out that we can borrow electric bikes and have had a few afternoon excursions to nearby towns and an old lookout tower that is across the valley from the klinik.

Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment
Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment
Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

While I'm getting IVs or receiving treatments, Josh is busy working online doing trainings through his job or doing laundry or researching the tiny home we're going to live in or running daily in the park or taking really good care of me.

P.S. This was added by our friend Justina on our YouCaring site and just wanted to share it here as well. 

Posted on August 30, 2015 by Justina Thompson

Hi everyone!

I received an update from Colleen. Colleen says Fever Therapy was HARD! She says that last week felt like more downs than ups, this week feels like more ups than downs; however, most of her treatments (other than fever therapy) are relaxing. Good news is that her fever therapies are successful and showing that her white blood cells went from 5800 (normal) to over 21,000... the response they were hoping for! Her next fever therapy is on Tuesday. 

Thank you for all of the prayers!!