Journal Entry #11

Colleen Flowers Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

So for months I've been asking for prayers... this is the non-exhaustive list of answered prayers that Josh and I have come up with...

  1. My immune system has responded extremely well to the Fever Therapies here... my white blood cell count is over 26,000!
  2. I've gained 7 wonderful pounds... and let me tell you, this takes A LOT of chewing... chomp, chomp, chomp of the vegetables!
  3. Tumor marker numbers have gone down!
  4. I haven't had to take any pain medication for over a week!
  5. I no longer cry every morning and the waves of fear have started to come less often and last for a shorter amount of time!
  6. Josh and I are loving Germany and the klinik so much that we don't want to leave!

Thank you! As we prepare to return to the United States, please pray for the reverse culture shock (yes, it's a thing: that we may experience. Being at a slower pace of life for so long has allowed us to loosen our frantic and panicked grip that we had on what life had become back home after the diagnosis... we'd like to bring that relaxed state back with us. 

PS - Remember that donations on the Caring Bridge site go to Caring Bridge. To join others in donating to my healing journey, please go to You Caring: