Surgery Day

Journal Entry #3

Today is the day of the surgery - 10:30am (12:30pm Eastern Time). The plan is that I'll have surgery for a single right mastectomy without reconstruction, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and a port placed on my left side. 

Specific prayers requests are:

  • That God's loving will will unfold and He will continue to reveal that to Josh and me through His peace.
  • That the surgery goes quickly, smoothly, and perfectly.
  • That there is no cancer! Or at least no cancer in the lymph nodes :)
  • That my recovery goes quickly, smoothly, and perfectly.
  • That my mom (Ginger) has traveling mercies coming here this week to help us.

Thank you for interceding on my behalf to the King of kings, Lord of lords, the Alpha & Omega, and Jesus our Redeemer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

**Surgery Update #1 - 11:01am (from Josh) - Colleen headed back for surgery at 10:30 as planned. Her team seems super supportive and comforting. She is in good hands... more than one. 

**Surgery Update #2 - 12:52pm (from Josh) - They told us all went well with anesthesiology.  

**Surgery Update #3 - 1:44pm (from Josh) Just said mastectomy went well and are starting port procedure. They are calling to get more details, but that is all they gave us for now. Sounds positive though.

**Surgery Update #4 - 3:05pm (from Josh) Colleen is out of surgery now and everything went well. They put dye in to see if there was any activity in the lymph nodes and this process worked as it was supposed to. They did remove a few to send to pathology for testing. They only had to add one drain instead of two so that will make things easier for Colleen during recovery. She began waking up and would be moved to her room in an hour. Overall, very good news - praise God! 

**Recovery Update #1 - 8:20pm (from Kylene) I just talked to Colleen on the phone and she sounds AMAZING - super positive and in very good spirits. (She's not sure how long that will last but she's enjoying it while she can!) She has a great hospital room with a wall of windows and a view of the mountains and setting sun. In true Colleen form, she's making all (invited) visitors do a dance when entering her room and declare "Colleen is cancer free!" She wanted everyone to know how well she is doing and to say thanks for all of the prayers today. God is good!